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🇺🇸【 Walrus Audio 】Vanguard Dual Phaser


Vanguard 在同一個盒子裏,有兩組 Phaser 串連運行,信號經過第一組 Phaser 後,會再進入第二組 Phaser, 因此可做出一般 Phaser 做不到的效果與質感。效果器上主要分成上下兩組,上排控制第一組 10 Stage Phaser, 下排則控制第二組 Phaser。第二組 Phaser 可籍由控制桿設置成 10 stage phaser with regeneration,6 stage phaser with pitch 和 4 stage phaser with filter。在不同模式下,Tweak 扭會分別控制 Regeneration、Pitch 和 Filter。另外可以儲存 Presets 及接駁 Expression Pedal。


The Vanguard was designed to create evolving beds of sound; from thick and sweeping harmonics to symphonic tidal waves. It operates as a series phaser system – two phasers working together to give unimaginable texture. The user has three selectable modes to shape the series phaser, sending your signal through a single 10-stage phaser with the option to pass through a second phaser. The second phaser, found on the second row of rotary controls, offers three different phaser voicings at the flip of a toggle switch; 10-stage with regeneration, 4-stage with pitch bend, and 6-stage with filter. This generates anything from slow phased foothills to untamed and violent sweeps.

Walrus Audio Vanguard Dual Phaser


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