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🇺🇸【 Walrus Audio 】Mako Series R1 High-Fidelity Reverb


Walrus Audio 最新推出的 R1 Reverb Pedal 是一款極其強大的多功能混響效果器,內置了大量混響算法,具有 Recording Studio 級別的 High-Fidelity 音質。


R1 屬於 Walrus Audio 的 Mako 系列,提供了諸多高品質的 Reverb 效果,儘管主打立體聲輸入和輸出功能,但仍支持單聲道模式。 R1 的核心是 Analog Devices Sharc 處理器,其 Reverb 效果包含標準的 Spring、Hall、Plate、BFR、RFRCT (Refract)、Air。


R1 的音量膨脹效果可應用於任何 Reverb 效果、延音和瞬時鎖定。延音/直通腳踏開關可根據你使用的混響來控制不同的參數。 Tune / X 控制旋鈕結合三向撥動開關調節高/低頻。 TWEAK 旋鈕則用於微調速率、深度和預延遲。 R1 可儲存9個預設(通過標準的 MIDI 信息最多可至128個)。




The R1 is an extremely powerful and versatile multi-function reverb that can quickly go from small intimate room sounds to massive washes of experimental euphoria with six customized, studio-quality programs - Spring, Hall, Plate, BFR, RFRCT (Refract), and Air. Every program can be tuned and tweaked and then saved to one of nine on-board presets. The R1 boasts a volume swell effect that can be applied to any program, sustain and latching momentary features, stereo in and out, MIDI control, and up to nine on-board presets (128 via MIDI). Players of all styles and genres will be able to find eternal inspiration with the R1.


■ The X-factor


Set the Tune switch to X, and it will control a unique parameter for each program. Here’s how the X setting factors into the sound shaping possibilities.


• Spring: Adds extra warmth and grittiness to the decay

• Hall: Adjusts the size of the room; crank it up to increase the size

• Plate: Customizes front-end gain for driving hot signals

• BFR: Controls the amount of diffusion in multi-tap delays; the higher you set it, the smoother and more ambient it sounds

• Refract: Shapes the glitch effect’s tone from a lo-fi tape sound to bright and pristine

• Air: Controls the volume and amount of wind and shimmer elements


■ Features:

• High-fidelity digital reverb pedal with unlimited creative potential

• 6 studio-quality programs: Spring, Hall, Plate, BFR, Refract, and Air

• 3-way Tweak toggle unlocks an exciting array of textures: Rate, Depth, and Pre-delay

• Decay, Swell, and Mix controls oversee your reverb decay, attack, and wet/dry mix

• 9 onboard presets are readily accessible with the bank switch and footswitches

• Up to 128 presets are accessible via MIDI for complex, pro-level live rigs

• SuS/Latch switch holds onto tails until you let go

• 3 different bypass modes enable you to specify how your repeats fade

• Tune knob helps perfect the sound

• Tweak control helps you customize your programs

Walrus Audio Mako Series - R1 High-Fidelity Reverb


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