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🇺🇸【 Walrus Audio 】Lillian Multi-Stage Analog Phaser


Lillian Phaser 是一個具 True Bypass、全類比、多層音源的 Phaser,音效發想靈感來自 Walrus Audio 的另一個皇牌產品 Julia。


透過速率(rate),頻寬(width),回授(feedback)和 D-P-V 混合等控制鈕來操作她的音效變化。“階層(stage)”開關能讓用家選擇4或6個階層來改變整體聲響,從4層溫暖和緊密相位到6層更複雜的濾波聲音效果。D-P-V 旋鈕是"Dry-Phase Shifted-Vibrato"的簡稱,可讓您在"無效果"、"相位移動"和"顫音"之間進行混音調和,從而可以對強度和效果類型進行廣泛的控制。


輸入、輸出與電供輸入孔都設計在效果器的頂部,讓 Lillian Phaser 能更有彈性的安裝在你的效果器盤上。




Strap into the co-pilot seat and join Lillian on a sonic journey. Leaving nothing behind but clean, puffy white trails of whirling, pulsating and whooshing analog Phase effect. Viewers from below admire in a trance as it transforms the air into a unique and mesmerizing moment. The Lillian is a true bypass, all analog, multi-stage Phaser drawing inspiration from her cousin Julia. With controls like Rate, Width, Feedback, and D-P-V blend, the Lillian is packed with a wide array of analog phaser goodness waiting to be dialed in. The “Stages” switch allows the user to select 4 or 6 stages which alters the overall voice of the effect from warm and tight phasing with 4 stages to a more complex filtered sound with 6. The D-P-V knob lets you blend between dry, phase shifted, and vibrato sounds allowing for a wide range of control over the intensity and type of effect. Top mounted input, output, and power jacks as well as soft switch relay bypassing make the Lillian fit well on your board and ensure smooth operation for years to come.


Borrowed from the Julia, the unique blend between Dry, Chorus and Vibrato has also been provided on the Lillian. Blend between Dry, Phase Shifted, and Vibrato (labeled d-p-v on the pedal). The Dry-Phase-Vibrato blend changes the ratio of dry to wet signal sent to the output. At minimum, you will hear no effect. Set it to noon for equal parts dry and wet – the traditional Phaser setting. Set it to maximum for 100% wet resulting in pitch vibrato. Explore the ground between minimum and noon for adding slight amounts of movement to your dry signal. Explore the ground between noon and maximum for all sorts of unheard phase/vibrato combinations.

Walrus Audio Lillian Multi-Stage Analog Phaser


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