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🇺🇸【 Walrus Audio 】Kangra Filter Fuzz


Kangra Filter Fuzz 是一款2合1效果器,並搭載 True bypass Switch 方便使用。


Kangra 不僅可提厚重的模糊音色,還有一個堪稱「迷幻」的 Filter,非常搭配適合掃弦,或適用於頻率的增幅或製造 envlope Filter 般的效果。


過濾器可以獨立開關,也可以搭配 Fuzz 使用。


■ Fuzz

使用 M/V 開關獲得兩種不同類型的 Fuzz。在現代模式下(M),有更加寬括的 Fuzz 聲,更長和更緊的延音,而復古模式(V)有破碎而激烈的破音,和更短的延音。


■ Filter

Kangra 還具有多功能濾波器,具有諧振,靈敏度,頻率和包絡濾波器控制。使用濾波器可以為聲音添加獨特的音色。


Kangra Pedal 採用桃色外殼,Adam Forster 用白色和藍色墨水繪製藝術品。




The Kangra Filter Fuzz is a true bypass, two-in-one pedal that provides a thick and spatty octave fuzz, and a psychedelic filter thats great for sweeps, frequency boost or even envelope filter sounds. The filter can run independently, or with the fuzz feeding into it. This is no rhythm player’s fuzz. Dig in and play dirty with aggressive fuzz lead lines that’ll rip time and space apart at the seams.


SNL Guitarist and fuzz fanatic, Jared Scharff, approached us about doing a modern filtered and fuzz inspired by his favorite vintage fuzz pedal, the Kay Fuzz Tone. Working together through hundreds of texts, calls, emails and mailing prototypes back and forth, the Kangra came to life with plenty of grit, teeth and vintage vibe, as well as pronounced modern features.


■ Fuzz


Get two different styles of fuzz with the M/V Switch. In the modern position (M), you notice a more forgiving fuzz with longer and tighter sustain, while the Vintage position (V) feels starved with spatty breakup and grittier, shorter sustain.


■ Filter


The Kangra also has a versatile filter with Resonance, Sensitivity, Frequency and Envelope Filter controls. Use the filter on its own to add a unique shape to your sound, or flip the Envelope Filter switch and open up funky sixties style tones.


■ Feat

- Octave fuzz with switchable Modern/Vintage modes

- Lowpass filter with switchable envelope

- Custom Adam Forster artwork

- True-bypass circuitry

- Power requirement: 100mA minimum

- Isolated power supply recommended (not included)

Walrus Audio Kangra Filter Fuzz


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