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🇺🇸【 Walrus Audio 】Julianna Deluxe Chorus / Vibrato


Walrus Audio 最新推出的 Julianna 是一款配有數字 LFO 的全模擬 Chorus/Vibrato 效果器,與之前推出的同類型效果器 Julia 相比具有更多新的擴展功能。


Walrus Audio 設計的效果器擁有令人矚目的設計、創新的功能和個性、豐富的聲音。早前他們曾推出過一款深受結他手與合成器玩家喜愛的 Analog Chorus/Vibrato 效果器 Julia,如今又在此基礎上設計出了功能更為強大的 Julianna。 Julianna 的外殼繪有全新的漂亮圖案,保留了 Julia 原有的 Lag、Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend 以及 LFO wave shapes 的控件。新功能包含用立體聲操作代替了單聲道輸入/輸出,附加了一個可用來控制節拍的踩釘。 Drift(漂移)功能為內置的2個LFO 帶來了更多的靈活性,其中第一個 LFO 可以平緩加速和減慢速率,而第二個 LFO 可基於第一個速率旋鈕的位置再做加速或減慢處理,就像還有一個小機器人在你的效果器內轉動速率旋鈕一樣。 Julianna 還增加了一個新的隨機 LFO 波形,允許用戶深入調節信號的幅度。將兩種類型的 tap 可在打拍定速中設置乘除,此外,還可連接外部設備做觸發和表情控制。


Building off of the lush, tonal landscapes that the Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato created, Julianna is an all analog, digital LFO, stereo chorus/vibrato with new expanded features. Julianna is able to produce mild smooth chorus, to seasick vibrato, to everywhere in between. Familiar controls like Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, and selectable LFO wave shapes are all still here, but Julianna employs some new tricks: The Secondary LFO speed, modulation drift, tap/expression control and momentary features will have you commanding all new kinds of sounds not found in traditional chorus pedals.




■ The Julianna contains all of the sounds and controls that the Julia has but adds these deluxe features:


• Tap Tempo Control: Set the rate of the LFO with the Rate knob or the tap tempo switch.


• Stereo In/Out Jacks: Run mono in/mono out, mono in/stereo out, stereo in/stereo out.


• Momentary Secondary LFO Speed: Ramp up or slow down to a second LFO rate. See manual for details.


• Drift Function: Gently speed up and slow down the LFO rate. Kinda like having a little robot inside your pedal moving the Rate knob up and down. See manual for details. You'll like this one.


• Random LFO Shape: In addition to sine and triangle, Julianna adds a random wave shape option to modulate the pitch of your signal.


• Tap Division: Select quarter note, quarter note triplet or eighth note multiplier to scale a tapped in tempo.


• Expression Control: Control Depth, Rate or both with an expression pedal.


• External Tap In.


Unlike most other chorus pedals, the Julianna and Julia have a special feature called Lag control. The Lag knob lets you set the center delay time that the LFO modulates. From smooth and tight modulation at lower settings, to a warbling detune at maximum, the Lag knob adds a new dimension to the traditional chorus/vibrato landscape.



The DCV knob sets the ratio of dry to wet signal through the mono channel of the Julianna. Traditional mono chorus sounds can be heard with the knob set around noon. Pitch vibrato is found in the full clockwise position. The ground in between offers unique blends of chorus and vibrato not commonly found on other chorus pedals.


When both outputs are connected, set the DCV knob to full counterclockwise to send your dry signal to the mono output and vibrato signal to the stereo output for a traditional stereo chorus sound. Explore other variations by turning the DCV knob up slightly to add some vibrato signal to the dry output changing the stereo image.

Walrus Audio Julianna Deluxe Chorus / Vibrato


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