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🇺🇸【 Walrus Audio 】Emissary Parallel Boost


Emissary 是一顆為了讓主奏更明顯而設計的二合一增益電路效果器。


Bright 鈕控制高頻增益電路的音量,他能創造一個乾淨且高 headroom 的音色,並些微的增加高頻,以讓您的音色更容易被聽見。


Mid 鈕控制中頻增益電路,並附帶 mini switch 可讓您在 1Khz 及 800hz 之間選擇要增益的頻段。


Bypass footswitch 有附帶即時開關功能,當效果器是關閉的時候踩住 bypass 能讓效果器暫時打開,並在腳放開時關閉。




Built from the ground up, Walrus Audio has developed a new 2-in-1 boost to help make leads stand out, slides sing, finger picking come to life and to push tube amps into great natural breakup. Like the veins its named after, the Emissary Parallel Boost features two independent boost circuits running in parallel to work together to help give your tone a real “sinus clearing experience”. Use one or the other by itself, or mix any combination of both by turning up each knob to the desired level.


The top knob controls the volume for the “bright” boost circuit. This is a clean, high headroom JFET boost, with a slight emphasis on higher frequencies to liven up your tone. The bottom knob controls the volume for the “mid” boost circuit. This circuit features a targeted boost at either 1kHz or 800Hz selected by the toggle switch.


The bypass switch also features a momentary function. When the bypass switch is in off position, press and hold to temporarily activate the effect. Releasing the switch turns the effect off.

Walrus Audio Emissary Parallel Boost


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