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🇯🇵【 Vemuram 】Oz Noy Signature Fuzz[特別限量版]


Vemuram 與 Oz Noy 經過長時間合作研發後終於誕生,以 Shanks 4K 為基底,修改為採用兩顆老式矽晶體與 NOS 元件製作。


Oz Noy 一直以來都在尋找最合適的中頻,而且不會太糊或是太碎的 Fuzz,同時能夠保有原本音色的特性並且能夠在樂團讓聲音突出的 Fuzz。


Vemuram Oz Fuzz 按照 Oz Noy 的音色喜好做設計,採用了兩顆老式矽晶體製作,Gain 的量相當符合需求,但也可以作為一個乾淨的 Fuzzy Boost 效果器。當把結他上的音量關小時,可以得到非常迷人的 clean tone,而且保留了原本聲音的特性。




Collaboration with Oz Noy.


Based on the Shanks 4K, the Oz pedal is modified with 2 Vintage Silicon transistors and N.O.S parts.


This is a fuzz pedal with just the right amount of mid-range and bass. Most fuzzes sound too bassy or buzzy. This one is not. With this pedal you get the right amount of fuzz and you still keep the characteristics of your original guitar tone.


The pedal is voiced to Oz’ exact preferences and he has been using it since it came out. The two vintage silicon transistors have a good amount of gain, but the pedal can also sound like a fuzzy boost pedal. You can get a really nice clean tone by turning down the volume of the guitar and still keep your original tone.


Due to the lack of transistors the Oz pedal will be a limited run of 300 pedals. All Vemuram pedals are handmade in Tokyo, Japan and of professional quality. Only the best, high-grade components are used. The build quality is excellent and the price/quality is more than justified.


The Vemuram Oz is a limited run of 300 pedals.

Vemuram Oz Noy Signature Fuzz


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