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🇯🇵【 Vemuram 】Budi-G "Gritty Gain" BOOST Pedal[NEW]


「Budi-G」是繼傳統型號「Budi」之後的新型 boost 效果器。Budi-G 音域廣,動態餘量大,與一般的 clean boost 效果器相比,Budi-G 的功能是能夠控制“Gritty Gain”,這種增益雖然微妙,但對於這款新型 boost 效果器來說卻具有完美的砂礫量。它能夠控制微妙的增益,與其他 drive pedals 完美地疊加,讓您能夠以自然的方式推動 tube amp,而不會缺乏大膽而豐富的音調。Budi-G 用途廣泛且非常動態,它配備了2頻段EQ(低音和高音)和 SAT(飽和度)微調電位計,可讓您微調和控制您的器材和裝備。




The “Budi-G" is a new boost pedal followed by the legacy model the “Budi”.
The "Budi-G" is wide in range and has a large amount of headroom. Compared to the general clean boost pedals, our feature is being able to control the “Gritty Gain” which is subtle but has the perfect amount of grit for this new boost pedal. Being able to control the subtle gain, it stacks very well with other drive pedals and lets you allow to push your tube amp without lacking the bold and rich tone in a natural-sounding way. The "Budi-G" is versatile and very dynamic, it is equipped with 2 band EQs (Bass & Treble) and a SAT(saturation) trim pot which allows you to fine-tune and control your equipment and gear. Please enjoy the "Budi-G" to obtain the “GRIT” to your sound.


• Transistors: 3 FET (Field Effect Transistor)
• Controls: Boost, Bass, Gain, Treble / Saturation Trimmer
• Switches: ON/OFF
• Terminal: Input, Output
• Power: 006P (9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter(Center Negative)
• Size: 70(W)x113(D)x50(H)mm
• Weight: 425g
• Current Draw: m/A

Vemuram Budi-G "Gritty Gain" BOOST Pedal


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