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🇫🇷【 Two Notes 】Torpedo Captor X SE[Limited Edition]


// Reactive Loadbox / Attenuator / Speaker Simulator / IR Loader / Stereo Expander //


Two notes Audio Engineering are celebrating their 15th anniversary with the release of the Torpedo Captor X SE, a limited edition version of their popular dummy load and speaker simulator unit that sports a vintage-inspired finish. As well as coming pre-loaded with 32 DynIR virtual cabinet models, those who register the device will also gain access to an additional 10 cabinets from the company’s Anniversary Edition Cabinet Collection, along with a selection of presets created by guitarist Pete Thorne.


The Captor X SE offers all of the functionality of the standard version, acting as a reactive load box with a built-in attenuator that allows guitarists to drive their valve-based amps harder whilst keeping the overall volume under control. It also features simulated line-level and headphone outputs, making it possible to silence the amp completely and take advantage of the company’s DynIR cabinet simulation technology for recording or practice use — or feeding a PA system from a ‘silent stage’ setup. There are also a range of onboard DSP effects for fine-tuning the results, too. 


The Torpedo Captor X SE can be paired with a phone, tablet or computer, allowing it to be controlled via Two notes’ Torpedo Remote software application, which provides quick and easy access to 128 preset slots, as well as allowing six of them to be assigned to a physical control on the device’s front panel. It also offers in-depth control over all of the editable parameters within the DSP-based processing.




■ Features:
- Reactive load box, direct box, attenuator, and speaker emulation for electric guitar amps (8 ohm)
- 100-watt reactive load box allows you to play your guitar amp without a speaker cabinet
- Selectable -38dB, -20dB, and 0dB attenuator allows you to achieve cranked-amp tone at any volume level
- Speaker simulation is perfect for sending your amp's tone direct to a PA or recording device
- Speaker Thru allows you to connect directly and to a speaker cabinet simultaneously
- Control via computer, iOS or Android device, MIDI, or USB Torpedo Remote
- Collection of onboard processors, including stereo doubler, stereo reverb, aural enhancer, semi-parametric EQ, and noise gate
- 3 output routing options: stereo, dual mono, wet/dry
- Wall of Sound III cabinet model plug-in lets you achieve true-to-life studio miking of your amp within your DAW
- 1/4-inch headphone output

■ Spec:
• Controls: space, voicing, out level, preset
• Push buttons: In Level High/Low, Gnd Lift
• Switch: Volume Full/Low
• Headphone output: 6.3 mm stereo jack
• Speaker input: 6.3 mm stereo jack
• Speaker output: 6.3 mm jack
• Left & Right output: XLR
• MIDI input: 3.5 mm mini stereo jack
• Mains adapter connection: Barrel connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm, center negative
• Power supply via 12 V DC mains adapter (included)
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 128 x 175 x 64 mm
• Weight: 1.3 kg

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X SE


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