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【 Two Notes 】Torpedo Captor X   * / 16 ohm / 8 ohm

Two Notes 推出的新款 Torpedo Captor X 是一個多合一無功負載箱、電子管放大器衰減器,箱體模擬器,IR 加載器和立體聲擴展器。非常適合結他手的靈活錄音,提供實時解決方案。

這款全新的 Torpedo Captor X 可以直接連接擴聲系統或音頻接口,適合搭配 DAW 使用。它可以使用 Two Notes 的虛擬機櫃,可以處理第三方脈衝響應。

Torpedo Captor X 同時也是個無功負載箱以及電子管放大器衰減器,玩家可以將其接入電子管放大器並在不會大聲到聾掉的情況下調節 Tube Amps。如果你想在靜音狀態下使用大功率電子管放大器,接耳機即可。

還有 Twin Tracker 雙追踪功能,它是實時的雙追踪器和立體聲混響,有三種路由選項:立體聲,雙重單聲道和乾/濕比信號。 Torpedo Captor X 還可以配對手機,筆記本,電腦或 MIDI 控制器,控制軟件上提供了更多選擇。


Playing your tube amp in a great sounding room with an exceptional choice of perfectly matched speaker cabinets and microphones is truly joyous and an unparalleled experience. The Torpedo Captor X is for tube amp lovers who crave this every time they play – no matter the environment.

■  The compact solution to your amp being too loud
■  Effortlessly control the miking chain
■  Two XLR outputs – three possibilities
■  Enhance your tone

■ Features:

- Reactive load box, direct box, attenuator and speaker emulation for electric guitar amps (8 ohm)
- 100-watt reactive load box allows you to play your guitar amp without a speaker cabinet
- Selectable -38dB, -20dB, and 0dB, attenuator allows you to achieve cranked-amp tone at any volume level
- Speaker simulation is perfect for sending your amp's tone direct to a PA or recording device
- Speaker Thru allows you to connect direct and to a speaker cabinet simultaneously
- Control via computer, iOS or Android device, MIDI, or USB Torpedo Remote
- Collection of onboard processors, including stereo doubler, stereo reverb, aural enhancer, semi-parametric EQ, and noise gate
- 3 output routing options: stereo, dual mono, wet/dry
- Wall of Sound III cabinet model plug-in lets you achieve true-to-life studio miking of your amp within your DAW
- 1/4" headphone output

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X - 16ohm / 8ohm


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