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🇫🇷【 Two Notes 】ReVolt Guitar Analog Amp Sim


Two Notes 的 ReVolt 系列音箱模擬和目前市面上主流的數位音箱模擬單顆不太相同,走的是類比音箱模擬+數位箱體模擬的架構,並且在前級的部分有一支真空管。


兩款 ReVolt 都各自有三種的音箱模擬可以隨時切換,並且類比設計的好處就是所有的可調參數都在面板上。每種音箱模擬都有獨立的 Gain 和 Volume 鈕,第一段有自己的兩段 EQ,二三段則是共用三段 EQ。


音箱模擬的音色方面,ReVolt Guitar 的三種音箱分別模擬了 Fender Bassman 100、Marshall JMP Superlead 和 Soldano SLO100。在 ReVolt Guitar 的面板上,另外還有一個白色的 Boost 旋鈕,而且很方便的是只要在當下開啟的那一段音箱模擬開關上再踩一下就可以加上 Boost。


ReVolt 系列內建一款箱體模擬,並且另外附贈了十款箱體模擬可下載替換。ReVolt 系列也提供了 Midi in/out、DI 輸出 Loop、和耳機輸出等方便和其他器材串接使用。




3 Channel All-Analog Guitar Amp Simulator


From sublime cleans to the gnarliest of Metal tones, your performance demands the pinnacle in tonal excellence. Enter ReVolt Guitar, a forward-thinking all-analog 3-channel preamp primed to serve as the beating-heart of your rig. The latest-iteration of Two notes’ critically- acclaimed preamp solutions has been engineered with a singular mission: to empower players with the ultimate in foundation tone. Forget any preconceptions of a run-of-the-mill amp-in-a-box: ReVolt Guitar stands-apart. It’s inspired by a trio of iconic amps; It’s fuelled by 200V and genuine tube power; It’s born to assimilate into a myriad of usage scenarios; It cuts above the rest with its integrated OD-Boost circuit. Two notes’ gets it: Your Tone Matters.


■ Features:
• 3 channel guitar amp simulator featuring an all analog signal path
• Inject some warmth and bite into your tone courtesy of a 12AX7 preamp tube running at high voltage
• Integrated OD-Boost circuit with dedicated switching and level control
• Expertly engineered Analog Cab Sim for seamless DI whether it’s in the studio or on stage
• 4-Cable mode, FX Loop and MIDI In/Out for effortless integration into existing setups
• Robust, made-to-move design that’s perfectly sized for pedalboards and fly-rigs
• Includes a lifetime licence to GENOME, the final word in digital app- and plugin-based tone-shaping for the forward thinking player (VST/AU/AAX/Standalone)
• Includes the ReVolt: Series-G DynIR Cabinet Collection (valued at 100€/$) featuring 10 exquisite DynIR captures inspired by leading guitar amplifier brands

Two Notes ReVolt Guitar Analog Amp Sim


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