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🇫🇷【 Two Notes 】OPUS Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine Pedal


在音訊領域,Two Notes Audio Engineering 再次掀起了技術革新的浪潮,推出 OPUS 音箱模擬器。

以 C.A.B. 為基礎,OPUS 增加了前、後級 Tube-StageModeling™ (TSM™)、MIDI 整合和面未來規範的 USB-C 接孔,不僅結構緊湊、便於使用,更在功能性和技術性上達到了新的高度,滿足了從專業錄音到舞台演出的多種需求,是演出中的強力後盾和更高層次音質的宏觀世界。


■ OPUS 配備了一套 5 個頂級 TSM™ 前級,經過專業設計,可讓您頭腦中的音色成為現實。


• Foundry:典型 Cali 系列 Clean Tone,溫暖的 Saturation 能捕捉您彈奏的所有細微差別,不論是作為高 Headroom 的 Clean Tone 還是您效果器的基礎都能勝任 


• Peggy:複雜的泛音,溫暖的中頻和衝擊力,是經典 60S 系列貝斯音色與現代調教的完美結合


• Albion:極具豐富與人聲感的中頻的英式音色帶你進入經典,硬搖滾的世界  


• Foxy:鐘聲般的 Presence 且與奶油般絲滑,增加 Gain 後又有宏偉的中頻 Bite,從 Jazz 到 Rock n’ Roll 都能勝任


• NiftyFifty:充滿侵略性的化身,強而有力同時又多功能。


■ DynIR 引擎


一流的 DynIR 引擎,每個音箱有8個麥克風、雙麥克風收音和10K麥克風位置(前部和後部),釋放您的音色並找到您的標誌性聲音從未如此簡單,攻克真實與模擬的分界線。

■ 方便的調整方式


除了面板上的調整弦鈕,可藉由將 OPUS 連接到電腦、智慧型手機或平板電腦,利用 Torpedo Remote 體驗 1:1 的手動控制




Guitar Multi-effects Pedal with Power Amp Modeling, Preamp Modeling, DynIR Engine, 99 Presets, MIDI, USB-C, Effects, Bluetooth, and App Editor


■ Features:

• Comprehensive end-to-end rig-shaping powerhouse pedal, loaded with precisely crafted preamp/power amp emulations and Two Notes’ DynIR engine

• Includes 5 preamp emulations right out of the box (10 available total) that perfectly capture the dynamic detail and harmonic nuance of an amp’s front end

• Power amp simulation includes 4 tube amp designs (6L6, EL84, EL34, and KT88), Pentode/Triode settings, and the option to select class or Class AB modeling

• DynIR engine provides a nearly endless supply of classic cab simulations, with 8 microphone models and 12 room emulations to further fine-tune your tone

• Preloaded with the Opus dynIR cab collection, sporting 32 cab captures from famous names like Steve Stevens, Pete Thorn, George Lynch, Phil X, Dave Friedman, and more

• Also includes a rock-solid set of DSP-powered processors and effects, including a noise gate, reverb, enhancer, EQ, and more must-have sonic tools

• Save, edit, and manage presets and parameters using the Torpedo Remote app, accessible via mobile device or desktop using the USB-C port

• 99 total preset locations to save your custom creations, with more than 40 artist-crafted presets available

• MIDI for superior control and to easily integrate into existing setups

• Dual Static IR load and an acoustic DI with more than 40 acoustic impulse responses

• Ultra-compact pedal-sized design with a heavy-duty metal enclosure

Two Notes OPUS Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine Pedal


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