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🇺🇸【 Tone King 】Falcon Grande Combo Turquoise


📍 Falcon Grande 是一款復刻50年代 Fender之聲的 AMP。有1個 3-position switch,分別是 Tweed、Rhythm、Lead voicings。後面帶有著名的 6-step Ironman 二代衰減器,在保證音質的前提下隨意調整合適的音量。有4個 button footswitch,控制能力比較強大。


🇺🇸 三十多年來,Tone King 一直專注於研發復古音色。其高質音色早已於業界聲名大噪,不少著名的藍調大師都是 Tone King 的忠實用家。Tone King 由美國 Fender Tone 的神級工匠 Mark Bartel 帶領團隊完成,Mark 強調箱體設計的重要性,這正是現在絕大多數廠商容易忽視的環節,多年來 Mark 經過大量對不同的木材,不同的構造和諸多影響因素的實驗,摸索出了一套方法,讓箱體發出最理想的音色。做到 Clean 通透,解析力高,空氣感十足,氛圍極佳,Overdrive 則結實有力而磁性十足!


🔊 而 Tone King 另一賣點就是其內置的著名 Ironman 衰減器,同樣經過大量的實驗,盡可能地在合適的音量下讓音色保持最佳的狀態。衰減器的水準讓人驚艷,衰減後音色飽滿,依然能保持很好的動態和細節,這應該得益於它的電路設計,在妥協的範圍內找到最大的不妥協與任性。Tone King 的出品是製造靈魂,而非軀殼,令樂手追逐能震撼人心的琴音!




Falcon Grande 20-watt, 1x12" combo sings with the voice of a vintage American tube amp... 3 of them, actually. Even with its straight-forward tone stack - consisting of an interactive volume and single tone control - there is a surprising amount of flexibility hiding in this amp. The front panel’s 3-position voicing switch offers the clear and spanky Rhythm setting, a warm and compressed Tweed option, and a Lead tone that brings on a singing overdrive. Add in the lush reverb and onboard Ironman II reactive load power attenuator, and you have a rootsy-sounding tube amp that is as ready for the arena as it is the living room.


Three voices from one easy-to-use amp

The Falcon Grande utilizes three knobs to take you on a journey through the best parts of vintage American tube amplification. The volume control and tone knob are highly interactive. With the 3-position voicing switch, you just may have all the tones you’ll ever need.


● Volume and tone knob are interactive for differing shades of drive and clarity

● 3-position switch selects between Tweed, Rhythm, and Lead voicings

● Voicings are selectable via the front panel and included footswitch

Ironman II reactive attenuation

As if the Falcon Grande wasn’t flexible enough, Tone King graciously included their Ironman II power attenuator. Now you can bring your Falcon Grande’s maxed power tones to band- or home-friendly level.


● 6-step attenuation accomodates for a variety of situations

● Reactive load technology maintains the feel and response of your guitar amplifier

● Completely transparent performance


All in the fine details:

Our Falcon Grande boasts a bevy of features not found on most amplifiers including:


● Custom-voiced 12” Eminence speaker

● Mix and Dwell controls tune your onboard spring reverb

● Included 4-button footswitch puts control of the reverb at your feet

● Baltic Birch USA construction

● Tubes: 2 x 5881 & 2 x 12AX7



All Cream, Brown/Cream, All Black, Turquoise/White

Tone King Falcon Grande Combo Turquoise


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