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🇺🇸【 Source Audio 】One Series - Ventris Dual Reverb

空間系效果器 Ventris 具有14個精心製作的 Reverb Engines,它們基於兩個完全獨立的56位信號處理器構建,基本上在一個盒子中容納了一對匹配的大功率立體聲混響踏板。踏板的雙DSP架構可提供強大的處理能力,可調節的預設溢出時間和 dual reverb effects,帶你進入廣闊的環境空間領域。


Create rich, spacious reverberations with the Ventris Dual Reverb. The Ventris features 14 meticulously crafted reverb engines built on two completely independent 56-bit signal processors, essentially housing a matching pair of high-powered, stereo reverb pedals in a single box. The pedal’s dual DSP architecture provides massive processing muscle, adjustable preset spillover time, and advanced dual reverb effects. Step into a vast realm of ambient space.

✔ 14 Stackable Reverbs with Adjustable Spillover
✔ Stack two reverbs at once
✔ Adjustable spillover
✔ Configure settings via your phone or laptop

■ 14 stereo reverbs, including True Spring:
Room, Hall-L, E-Dome, True Spring, Plate, Lo-Fi, Modverb, Shimmer, Echoverb, Swell, Offspring, Reverse, Outboard Spring, Metal Box

■ Features:

• 14 reverb types, including True Spring
• Ranges from surf drip and indie lo-fi to angelic shimmer and enveloping hall ambience
• Stack 2 reverbs at once to uncover all-new effects
• Adjustable spillover preserves tails when switching reverb modes
• 2 massive and independent 56-bit Sigma DSP chips
• Free Neuro Editor allows you to fine-tune effects and save up to 3 custom presets
• Stereo routing options include stereo to stereo, mono to mono, mono to stereo, stereo sum to mono, and external loop mode
• Switchable bypass modes — choose from buffered or true bypass
• Expression control input can control up to 3 simultaneous parameters
• MIDI compatible when used with the Source Audio Neuro Hub (sold separately)

Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb


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