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🇺🇸【 Source Audio 】Spectrum Intelligent Filter

The Spectrum Intelligent Filter was designed with special attention given to the simple plug-and-play experience. Right out of the box the Spectrum offers easy access to tones inspired by some of the most iconic and difficult to find envelope filters effects pedals on the market. It also offers synth-like tones comprised of distorted octave and envelope phaser sounds. Because of the pedal's ALT button, the Spectrum's four knob control surface actually offers access to eight different parameters. Use the Spectrum's Input Gain, Sensitivity and Speed controls to dial in the perfect envelope response for your needs. Maybe you like a slow and smooth envelope movement while you really dig-in on the strings, or possibly you want a quick moving filter that responds to light picking - either way is achievable with the Spectrum. The Frequency, Resonance, Depth and Mix controls provide fine control over the color and character of your filter effects. Whatever your needs, the Spectrum is the most comprehensive filter effects pedal available.


■ Features:

• 6 envelope filter presets: vintage sounds that include effects inspired by the legendary Mu-Tron and Lovetone Meatball pedals, as well as contemporary envelopes with octave-down effects and synth-like tones

• Tweak 8 different parameters with 4 knobs

• Primary controls include Input Level, Modulation Depth, Frequency Starting Point, and Envelope Speed

• Alternate controls (available via ALT button) include Envelope Sensitivity, Wet/Dry Mix, Resonance, and Output volume

• Sensitive Envelope Filter response adjusted via Input Gain, Sensitivity and Speed controls

• Growing library of published presets created by the Source Audio team and the ever-growing Spectrum Neuro community

• Extensive sound sculpting options via Neuro Desktop Editor (free download for Mac, Windows) and Neuro Mobile App (iOS, Android)

• Accurate tracking with lightning-fast response from Spectrum's octave effects

• 128 MIDI-accessible factory presets via optional 3rd-party MIDI controller/USB host

• Stereo Inputs and Outputs: use Neuro Editor’s pan controls to route each Voice to any location in the stereo spectrum

• Universal Bypass with analog-buffered or relay-based True Bypass

• Class-compliant USB-MIDI works plug-and-play with Mac/Windows recording software and 3rd-party MIDI controller/USB host

• USB port offers connectivity to the Neuro Desktop Editor for access to deep editing and pedal firmware updates

• External Expression and Tap Tempo Control via Control Input jack and optional Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal for expression control of multiple parameters, or Tap Switch to adjust LFO rates on the fly

• Compact, roadworthy, anodized aluminum chassis

• Includes 9-volt DC power supply (300mA, negative tip; pedal draws 165mAP)

Source Audio Spectrum Intelligent Filter


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