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🇺🇸【 Source Audio 】Gemini Chorus


✔️ 三種合聲音色引擎 (DUAL/CLASSIC/QUAD)
✔️ 透過 Neuro Mobile App 可下載更多音色 (phaser, flanger, chorus)
✔️ 四個控制旋鈕 (DEPTH/SPEED/MIX/TONE) + Tap Tempo
✔️ Universal Bypass (選擇類比緩衝或是完全 True Bypass)
✔️ USB 接孔連接電腦設定調整儲存,高達128種音色組合
✔️ 支援 Hot Hand 3 控制




Float away with the liquid, swaying effects of this state-of-the-art stereo chorus pedal. The Gemini Chorus offers three types of deep, hypnotic chorus. Classic mode creates a single voiced effect that conjures subtle and creamy tones from the first wave of 1970s chorus pedals. The thick and rich Dual Chorus provides a smooth, yet animated double voiced effect. The lush and spacious Quad chorus recaptures that ‘80s vibe with its less than subtle rack system sound. Once you’ve found your chorus, dial in the sweet spot with the onboard Mix and Tone controls.

■ Features:
• 3 distinct chorus effects selectable via toggle switch: Classic, Dual, and Quad
• Preset mode lets you save a different preset to each of the 3 switch positions
• When the pedal is engaged, all parameters instantly jump to their saved value, regardless of knob positions
• Stereo I/O jacks let you create deep and wide stereo modulation or engage one of many signal routing options via the Neuro App
• Universal bypass offers both analog buffered or relay-based true bypass
• External Control Input is compatible with Source Audio expression pedals and the Hot Hand 3
• Tap Tempo lets you intuitively sync your modulation rate to the music with the optional Source Audio Tap Tempo switch (supports quarter, eighth, triplet, and 16th note beat divisions)

Source Audio Gemini Chorus


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