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🇺🇸【 Source Audio 】EQ2 Programmable Equalizer 


Source Audio 於 NAMM 2020 展示其曾於2011年推出的 Equalizer Pedal Programmable EQ 的更新換代產品「Programmable EQ2」。它是同類產品中的翹楚,由於可提供眾多選擇,新一代的 Programmable EQ2 Equalizer 把圖示均衡與參量均衡相結合,具有10個可調節頻段、立體聲 I/O 和 MIDI 控制功能等,適用於結他、Bass、Keyboard 與 Synthesizer 等。


Source Audio EQ2 Equalizer 為您的結他裝置增加了10個靈活的聲波雕刻頻段。這種最先進的 Pedal 具有真實的立體聲信號路徑,甚至可以向左和右聲道應用不同的預設。EQ2 包括高達12dB的純淨升壓,用於推動放大器的前端,非常適合用來演奏 solos 和 song intros。撥入聲音後,可以將其保存為八個可調用的用戶預設之一。 EQ2 還包括一個 MIDI 輸入,可在多達128個預設之間切換,控制參數以及 engaging/bypassing 效果。


✔ 結合了圖示均衡器和參量均衡器
✔ 具有10個可調節頻段
✔ 立體聲輸入和輸出
✔ MIDI 輸入與直通
✔ 8個內置預設
✔ 128個 MIDI 可調用的預設
✔ 12dB的主控音量增益
✔ 能夠同時運行兩個獨立的均衡器預設(每個立體聲輸出1個)




The Source Audio EQ2 Programmable Equalizer adds 10 flexible bands of sonic sculpting to your guitar rig. This state-of-the-art pedal packs a true stereo signal path and even the ability to apply a different preset to the Left and Right channels. The EQ2 Programmable Equalizer also includes up to 12dB of clean boost for pushing the front end of your amp, perfect for punching up solos and song intros. And once you’ve got your sound dialed in, you can save it as one of eight recallable user presets. The EQ2 Programmable Equalizer pedal also includes a MIDI input for switching between up to 128 presets, controlling parameters, and engaging/bypassing the effect.


■ Features:

• Built-in chromatic tuner
• Configurable noise gate and limiter
• Ability to select parametric and graphics EQ
• Ability to have different EQ curves/types on each channel
• Adds 10 flexible bands of sonic sculpting to your guitar rig
• ±18dB range allows for substantial cuts and boosts
• +12dB clean boost increases volume for solos or pushes the front end of your amp for natural breakup
• Free Neuro software editor opens up deep customization options
• 8 recallable user presets for storing your settings
• MIDI input for switching presets, controlling parameters, and engaging/bypassing the effect

Source Audio EQ2 Programmable Equalizer


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