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🇺🇸【 Source Audio 】C4 Synth Pedal


Source Audio’s C4 Synth Pedal packs the power of a classic Eurorack modular synthesizer into a compact, rugged effects pedal for your guitar or bass. With four simple controls, a choice of three guitar/bass synth effects, and multiple methods of patch storage and recall, the C4 is remarkably easy to use and it boasts wicked-fast response, incredible tracking capability, and limitless sonic potential. Just plug and play to immerse your axe in an ocean of killer synth sounds. When you’re in the mood to dive deeper into sound design, connect the C4 to Source Audio’s Neuro Desktop Editor (free download for Mac and Windows) or Neuro Mobile App (free download for iOS and Android) and the sky’s the limit.


■ Dive deeper with Neuro Editor


In the desktop and mobile Neuro Editors, you have the tools to create retro-futuristic synth patches beyond your wildest dreams. Use the C4’s four parallel voices, three oscillator wave shapes, 10+ envelope followers, 20+ modulating filters; plus distortion, tremolo, pitch shifting, intelligent harmonization, programmable sequencing, and more to craft your sonic masterpieces. It’s all there — from classic synth tones you’ve always wanted to deploy from your guitar or bass to those ephemeral flashes of brilliance you’ve dreamed of, but never actually heard. On a tight deadline? If you need great sounds quickly, simply call up one of the countless presets curated by the Source Audio team or the growing legions of C4 users.




■ Features:


• Unprecedented sound-sculpting options with modular-synth-inspired software editors for maximum sound exploration
• Powerful Neuro Desktop Editor (free download for Mac, Windows)
• Neuro Mobile App (free download for iOS, Android)
• Create custom C4 Synth presets that can be stored on the pedal, saved to your private cloud library, or shared with the Neuro community
• 128 MIDI-accessible factory presets via optional 3rd-party MIDI controller/USB host (sold separately)
• Ever-growing preset library created by Source Audio and the C4 Neuro community
• Plug and play using 3-position toggle switch to select from the C4’s three pre-loaded synth patches
• Mix together any of the C4’s four independent voices
• Assign any voice to oscillator wave shape, monophonic or polyphonic pitch shifter, intelligent harmonizer, and sequencers; or dry signal to distortion, tremolo, and filter effects
• Mix and match any of the C4’s three oscillator wave shapes (sine, square, or saw) for pure synth tones
• Select from 11 envelope followers with adjustable attack/decay and ADSR triggering envelopes
• Choose from 24 filters, controllable with an envelope follower or independently modulating LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators)
• 14 onboard LFOs to control modulation of filter, vibrato, and tremolo
• Eight available LFO wave shapes, including sine, square, sample and hold, sawtooth, and more
• Run two, simultaneous 16-step sequencer patterns
• Choose from pre-programmed sequencer patterns or create your own custom patterns
• Two modes of operation: Standard Mode for classic stompbox operation; Preset Mode to save user presets (including all knob positions) to each of the three toggle switch positions
• Stereo inputs and outputs: use Neuro Editor panning controls to route each voice to any location in the stereo field
• Universal Bypass: switchable analog buffered or relay-based True Bypass
• MIDI control connects to Neuro Hub (sold separately) for access to 128 presets with MIDI program change (PC) messages, control of pedal parameters with MIDI continuous controller (CC) messages, or assigning LFO speed with MIDI Clock
• USB port (class-compliant USB-MIDI) for plug and play with Mac and Windows recording software; connectivity with Neuro Desktop Editor for deep editing and pedal firmware updates
• Control input jack for external expression and tap tempo control: use with optional Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal (sold separately) for expression control for multiple parameters; or Tap Tempo Switch (sold separately) to adjust LFO rates on the fly
• Durable, compact anodized aluminum housing with sturdy hardware
• Includes 9V DC power supply (300mA, negative tip; pedal draws 165mA)

Source Audio C4 Synth


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