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🇺🇸【 Source Audio 】Atlas Compressor


Source Audio 最新推出的 Atlas Compressor 帶有六個基於經典壓縮器的算法,而且還可以通過智能手機應用程序來調整更多的細節,提供了比板載的4個旋鈕更多的控制。


用家可以通過 Pedal 上的三路開關使用壓縮器,另有兩個預設庫。開關上標有 Studio、Optical 和 Dual,可以清楚知道所選的壓縮器風格。


四個主要的控制旋鈕為 Threshold(閾值)、Ratio / Tone(壓縮比/音色)、Blend / Attack(混合/啟動)和 Output / Release(輸出/釋放),對大多數用家來說這些控制已相當足夠。每個旋鈕的輔助功能可以通過 Pedal 頂端的 Alt 開關進入。




壓縮器型號包括 Diamond Compressor,以及工作室機架單元的仿真,包括 LA2A 光學和 1176 FET 壓縮器,再加上 Peak、RMS、VCA,以及雙頻段壓縮。提供了非常豐富的選擇,guitar 和 bass 都適用。實際上它甚至還有一個專門的 bass 模式,專門用於 bass 壓縮。按住 Alt 開關可以激活 bass 模式。


Atlas 還會根據壓縮量自動增加或減少 Gain,操作也更加簡單。


Atlas Compressor 具有一對輸入和輸出。另外,它還有一個 USB 接口,可以連接到 Source Audio Neuro 應用程序,也可以訪問 MIDI,或用於與 DAW 進行連接使用。通過 MIDI 可以訪問多達 128 個預設,甚至更多選擇。Source Audio Atlas Compressor 有緩衝旁路和真旁路兩種模式,它使用 9v 直流電源供電。


Atlas 設計簡潔小巧易操作,絕對是一個專業規格的壓縮器。




The Atlas Compressor offers a comprehensive collection of compression circuits that perfectly capture the tone and feel of the industry’s most sought-after compressors. Straight out of the box, Atlas delivers six different styles of compression, ranging from classic stompbox compressors like the now-discontinued Diamond Optical Compressor to high-end rack units such as the snappy 1176 compressor and the smooth and gentle LA2A optical compressor. Atlas also features advanced dual-band compression, which provides an independent set of controls for both the high and low frequencies. Each compression engine has onboard controls for Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Output, Tone, and Blend, allowing for fine-tuned control over the compact One Series hardware.

■ Features:
• Loaded with 6 styles of compression inspired by the most beloved studio and stompbox compression circuits
• Studio-level adjustment in a pedal format, with feedback ration, attack, release, makeup gain, mix, and tone available to shape your sound
• 3-band parametric and 8-band graphic equalizer available to sculpt every facet of your tone
• Connects to the Source Audio Neuro app via USB for even more compressor sounds, presets, and enhanced editing capabilities
• Bass mode optimizes your sound for use with a bass guitar
• Look-ahead compression for a bolstered attack
• Auto makeup gain automatically adjusts your gain for easy signal leveling
• Optional buffered bypass or true bypass functionality
• Adjustable noise gate to keep your signal clean and clear
• Dual input/output for stereo connectivity

Source Audio Atlas Compressor


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