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🇺🇸【 Native Audio 】Pretty Bird Woman Chorus/Vibrato


The Pretty Bird Woman is a preset-capable chorus and vibrato designed with an intuitive layout and is a solution to the complexities of current modulation pedal designs. The Pretty Bird Woman provides 4 programmable presets for immediate access to your essential settings, individually tuned depth and rate controls for optimized modulation, and a unique filtered delay line delivering warm modulated tones.


■ Features:


• Intuitive layout to deliver complete control of your chorus and vibrato.


• 4 programmable presets provide immediate access to your essential chorus and vibrato settings.


• Two unique modulated effects: chorus and vibrato.


• Filtered delay line delivers warm modulated tone.


• Individually tuned depth and rate controls offer optimized range for chorus and vibrato.


• Smart switching system to engage effect in either momentary or latching mode for an expanded operational capability.


• Top-mounted instrument and power jacks designed to reduce pedalboard space.


• Buffered-bypass design that retains signal quality over any amount of cable length.


• Power: 9V DC, 70mA (center negative)

Native Audio Pretty Bird Woman Chorus/Vibrato


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