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🇺🇸【 Morgan 】MVP23 1x12" Combo - Twilight


Classic American Tone Meets British Royalty

The MVP23 is the perfect combination of classic American cleans and smooth British overdrive. The MVP23 is a handwired in USA, all-tube 1×12″ combo with a full tone stack that is voiced squarely in the black face camp. The MVP-23 utilizes a special phase inverter and EL84 power section allowing players to choose between big clean punch and smooth overdriven tones just by turning the gain knob. This amp is perfect for the player that wants to paint a variety of different styles without compromise. The gain structure on the MVP-23 was designed to make the amp extremely sensitive to your pick attack and volume control. Even at its highest gain settings great cleans can be had with a turn of your guitars volume.


■ Features:

• Handwired 23-watt tube combo amplifier that straddles classic Bluesbreaker and custom-modded American amp tones

• Classic tube combination serves up chimey, shimmering sounds with mids that grow crunchy and aggressive when pushed

• Simple Gain, Treble, Midrange, Bass, and Volume controls unleash a wide tonal range

• Power Scaling control makes your pedals sound great at any volume

• Durable Baltic birch construction

• Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker for classic British character

• Eye-catching Twilight finish

Morgan MVP23 1x12" Combo - Twilight


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