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🇺🇸【 Morgan 】JS12 – Josh Smith Signature Combo


JS12 Josh Smith Signature 音箱於幾年前問世,當時 Josh 要求 Morgan 為他製造一個 12w 殺手級音箱,讓他可以在格林美為 Mick Jagger 的演奏中使用。JS12 包含 Josh 在其個人 PR12 上要求的所有 mod。手動應用的老化漆表面是該型號的標準配置,定制的 Eminence JS1250 揚聲器也是專門為 Josh 嚴格的標準而設計的,Josh 更加入了一個 boost 開關從而獲得更多力量。


JS12 從經典的 black face tone 開始,然後通過給音箱的電源提供更多的豐富來增強低音部分音質,以使其不會像原始聲音那樣散發出來。還對混響進行了修改,以添加 Dwell 控件。Dwell 控制可以控制 reverb 的衰減量而不會影響結他的音色。 3db 增幅開關的添加使用家即使在較低音量下也能獲得更多的傳出。雖然 JS12 是一種小功率的音箱,但有強大音量傳出,其聲音足以抗衡鼓聲。




The Morgan JS12 Josh Smith Signature amp came to life years ago when Josh asked me to build him a killer small wattage amp that he could use on the Grammy’s playing behind Mick Jagger. The JS12 contains all of the mods that Josh asked for on his personal PR12. The hand applied aged lacquered finish is standard for this model as is the custom Eminence JS1250 speaker that was designed specifically to Josh’s exacting standards. Josh also had me incorporate a boost switch for those times he needs just a little more grit from the amp.


The JS12 starts with the classic black face tone and then beefs up the low end by giving the power supply of the amp more juice so that it doesn’t fart out like the originals. The reverb has also been modified to add a Dwell control. The Dwell control allows you to control the amount of decay in your reverb. This allows you to have a very high reverb mix without washing out your guitar tone. The addition of the 3db boost switch allows you to get more grit even at lower volume levels. The JS12 is small footprint grab and go combo that will cut through any mix and is loud enough to get over drummer. This amp has been Josh’s go to amp whenever he is in the studio or on the gig battlefield.

Morgan JS12 – Josh Smith Signature Combo


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