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🇺🇸【 Meris 】MercuryX Modular Reverb 

MercuryX takes the heart and soul of Mercury7 and expands it far beyond sci-fi into the highest quality and most flexible studio reverb ever created in a pedal format. All of our passion for pro audio has made it into both the algorithms and hardware performance of this pedal.


Fueled by an advanced ARM processor, Meris' MercuryX delivers performance on par with high-end studio rackmount units. MercuryX contains eight custom Meris reverb algorithms with plentiful configurable elements for maximum customization. This pedal boasts an intuitive screen-based user interface with an expressive Hold Modifier switch for on-the-fly control and a deep modifier section for advanced signal routing. A stereo freeze feature, gate envelope controls for every reverb type, and a host of other processing elements facilitate adventurous experimentation. And once you find a sound you like, you can store it in MercuryX's 99 preset locations in 33 banks. You also get a digitally controlled analog mix bus, stereo I/O with individual pre-delay note divisions for each channel, MIDI connectivity, and assignable expression pedal control. MercuryX brandishes a premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA with floating-point DSP, ensuring the best sound possible.


■ Features:
• Ultra-powerful modular reverb system powered by an advanced ARM processor
• Inherits elements from Meris' Mercury7 but adds more features and all-new algorithms
• 2.54 sec of highly customizable pre-delay with configurable delay structures, types, and processing elements
• Loaded with 8 Meris reverb algorithms: Ultraplate, Cathedra, 78 Room, 78 Plate, 78 Hall, Spring, Prism, and Gravity
• All-new processing elements include 79 Chorus, Vibrato, Vowel Mod, Tremolo, Hazy Lo-Fi, and more
• Stereo freeze function and gate envelope controls for every reverb type
• Each side of the pedal's dual delay includes selectable note divisions for pre-delay
• Instant-access tuner with configurable reference and output modes
• Deep modifier section effortlessly routes control signals to the processing parameters
• 99 preset locations in 33 banks for fast-and-easy recall
• Premium analog signal path, top-quality analog JFET input section, and 24-bit AD/DA with 32-bit floating-point DSP
• Digitally controlled analog mix bus and stereo I/O with separate jacks for each
• Switchable input/output headroom level for instrument or synthesizer/line-level signals
• MIDI input and output over standard DIN jacks
• MIDI implementation for continuous control parameters, preset send/receive, and MIDI beat clock synchronization
• Assignable expression pedal control for multiple simultaneous parameters and a dedicated expression pedal jack
• Intuitive screen-based user interface with an expressive Hold Modifier switch for on-the-fly control

Meris MercuryX Modular Reverb


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