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🇺🇸【 Meris 】Hedra Pitch Shifter


3-Voice Rhythmic Pitch Shifter.


Add massive moving harmonies to your guitars, keys, vocals, and more with the Meris Hedra rhythmic pitch shifter pedal. Layer three independent voices under your original signal and set them to a selection of intervals ranging from two octaves down to two octaves up, with the ability to set the key and scale. With Hedra’s glide control, you can easily move from modern hard-tuned-style pitch shifting to more natural movements between notes. And, a Micro Tune control creates synth-like detuned effects to fatten or warp your signal. Additionally, Hedra’s four delay configurations serve up complex echoes and slapback effects for generating deeply textured harmonies. For solo singer/songwriters, it brings dimensionality to a vocal performance. Synthesists love it as a creative engine for taking their patches to the next level. Even those who play strings and horns are using Hedra to add experimental elements to their playing. A truly cutting-edge pitch shifter, there’s nothing quite like the Meris Hedra.




■ Features:
- Complex stereo pitch shifting for guitars, keys, vocals, and more
- Premium analog componentry with JFET input section
- 3 voices with independent controls over pitch and time offset
- Chromatic or key-driven harmonies with selectable scales
- Glide control allows you to set the slide time between pitches
- Add fatness and warble with the Micro Tune control
- 4 delay configurations serve up complex, modulated echoes
- Control Hedra’s voices via keyboard to play a live quartet with your fingers
- Half-speed and auto-swell functions generate morphing, tidal wave effects
- Multifunction expression jack for MIDI, preset switching, and tap tempo
- Rugged brushed aluminum housing
- Designed and built in Los Angeles, California


■ Specs:
• Pedal Type: Pitch Shifter
• Analog/Digital: Digital with Analog Signal Path
• Effects: 3-voice Rhythmic Pitch Shift, Selectable Scale/Key Harmonies, Micro Tune Warping/Detuning, Tap Tempo Delay
• True Bypass: Relay True Bypass, Switchable to Buffered
• Power Source: 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)
• Power Usage: <150mA

Meris Hedra Pitch Shifter


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