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🇺🇸【 ISP Technologies 】DECI-MATE™ Micro Decimator


ISP Technologies 推出的 DECI-MATE™ NoiseGate 使用了 ISP 著名的 Decimator 電路設計,在小型微型效果器中實現了雜訊消除新的改進。工程團隊花了數年時間完善了即時降噪操作,並獲得了 Decimator 技術的多項專利,包括自適應響應專利,超快速雜訊消除!


ISP Technologies introduces the new DECI-MATE™ Micro Decimator pedal. The DECI-MATE pedal is a full implementation of the world renowned Decimator circuit with new tracking improvements in a small, micro pedal package. When real estate is critical, the DECI-MATE is the answer. The ISP Technologies engineering team has spent years perfecting the operation of real time noise reduction and has been awarded multiple patents for the Decimator Technology, including patents for adaptive response of the Decimator, which tracks the envelope of both super fast staccato notes as well as long sustained notes.




■ Features:


✔ Micro Decimator pedal
✔ An effective way to clean up your guitar rig
✔ Decimator X technology flawlessly tracks everything from rapid-fire staccato riffs to long, sustained phrases
✔ Superior to traditional noise gates — won't chop off sustained notes
✔ All-analog circuit offers 90dB of ultra-transparent noise reduction with no digital artifacts
✔ True bypass operation doesn't color your tone
✔ Small footprint doesn't gobble up pedalboard real estate


■ Spec:


• Pedal Type : Guitar Noise Reduction
• Inputs : 1X Guitar Input ¼ inch
• Input Impedance : 500k ohms
• Maximum Input Level : +10 dbU
• Output : 1X ¼ inch
• Maximum Noise Reduction : Greater than 90db
• Release Response : Adaptive over 1000 to 1 ratio
• True Bypass : Yes
• Chassis Size : 3.7 inches x 1.5 inches x 1.3 inches
• Power Input : 9VDC 40 milliamp minimum / tip :negative / sleeve : positive

ISP Technologies DECI-MATE™ Micro Decimator


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