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🇺🇸【 Fulltone 】OCD V2 Overdrive


🏆 Fulltone OCD 榮登《 美國 2019 Reverb 排行榜 》破音類冠軍❗


被譽為精品破音神器的代表 Fulltone OCD 可以涵蓋 Distortion 與 Overdrive 的效果,從問世以來已有超過25萬盒的銷量,最新的 OCD V2 版本更加入了更多的優化和改變,但同時保留了與之前版本相同的失真度、塗裝和電路設計,所有的 Fulltone 依然在美國生產。


OCD V2 版本的 IN & OUT 插孔均位於左右側的中心點,而舊版的插孔要靠近效果器底部。效果器正面LOGO更為纖細,包裝的貼紙面積更大。


重新設計的輸出緩衝區,減輕了電路中硬件限幅負荷,讓音色更完美並更好的支持泛音。新的A類獨立元件 2N 5457 JFET 輸入部分,將輸入抗組從先前的330K 提高到1MΩ,讓單線圈拾音器的動態更加完美。


新的內部開關, 可選 “Enhanced Bypass” & “True-Bypass” 模式,採用 Fulltone 自主研發的超靜音腳控開關,兩種模式均不會在切換音色時產生噪音。




Since its introduction in 2004, the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive pedal has been the go-to dirt box for countless guitarists around the globe (and many at Sweetwater as well). Over a decade after its debut, the OCD has received its first major update — meet the OCD v2. With a redesigned output buffer for maximum signal integrity, a Class A input section with better dynamic response, and switchable Enhanced Bypass or True Bypass modes, this player-favorite overdrive pedal is better than ever. For a modern classic overdrive pedal that's been redesigned for maximum fidelity and performance, check out the Fulltone OCD V2.


■ Redesigned output buffer for sonic excellence

Fulltone knows that the pedals you place after your overdrive pedal can influence the sound of your dirt box — that's why they gave the OCD v2 an updated output buffer that is impervious to the sonic effects of successive pedals. Said another way, your tone remains consistent no matter where in your chain or loop switcher the OCD v2 is placed. Fulltone also explains that the output buffer reduces loading on the pedal's hard-clipping stage, which allows for more sustain.


■ Premium Class A JFET input

For better performance with single-coil and humbucking pickups alike, Fulltone equips the OCD v2 with a Class A discrete 2N5457 JFET input section. The input impedance has been raised from the previous 330K to 1 mega ohm. The result is better interaction with your guitar's pickups and a noticeably enhanced dynamic range.


■ Switchable Enhanced Bypass and True Bypass modes

If there's one thing Fulltone takes seriously, it's the pursuit of tone. They've never been completely satisfied with the buffered bypass circuits found in many pedals, so after years of research, they've invented an alternative — they call it Enhanced Bypass. Instead of employing Field Effect Transistors for unity gain like most buffered pedals, OCD v2 features FETs in a Class A configuration that maintains the nuances of your playing. Fulltone explains, "all the dynamics return," delivering a more expressive sound than you can get from traditional buffer circuits. The OCD v2 also offers True Bypass mode accessible via an internal switch.


■ Feat:

• Great overdrive tones for electric guitar

• Huge palette of available sounds

• Switchable hi- and lo-peak gain settings

• Redesigned output buffer that resists loading caused by pedals further in your chain

• Updated Class A-configured JFET input section with higher input impedance for better dynamic response

• Switchable Enhanced Bypass or True Bypass switching modes, with no pops or clicks in either mode

Fulltone OCD V2 Overdrive


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