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🇺🇸【 Fulltone 】Full Drive 3


傳承經典 FD-2 的晶體,強烈的破音音色還有增益帶你的音色更上一階, Fulltone 再創造了另一個傳奇!


在限量版20週年紀念 FD3 取得巨大成功之後,Fulltone 決定發布黑色 Full-Drive 3 。插入電源,您將快速了解此踏板的傳奇狀態。Full-Drive 3 由真正的 NOS JRC4558D 芯片驅動,可為所有裝飾提供多汁的處理。翻轉 Full-Drive 3 的 Order 開關,將 Boost 置於 Overdrive 部分的前面或後面,準備花費幾個小時來探索無限的音調選項。


■ 兩種聲音可以讓您控制自己的世界


Fulltone 的 Full-Drive 3 憑藉其舊庫存 JRC4558D 芯片和最佳的原始電路,具有1990年代經典 FD2 Full-Drive 的音質。但是技術在不斷發展,因此,除了最初的90年代 FD2 發聲外,您還可以選擇第二種“Wide Asymmetrical”發聲,該發聲提供圓滑,現代的超音速聲音,令人愉悅的透明感和開放聲音。這種驚人的多功能性使 Full-Drive 3 成為您的結他裝置的重要組成部分。


■ JFET Clean Boost - 您成為舞台和錄音室焦點的秘密武器


Fulltone 通過其自身的音量控制為 Full-Drive 3 提供了獨立的,離散的 JFET Clean Boost。為什麼要對破音進行乾淨的增益?長期以來,它是精通音調的專業結他手的珍貴秘密武器,乾淨的 boost 使您始終處於合適的音量,也可以使您直達電子管放大器的前端。將其與兇悍的破音放在同一板上,您便具有了舞台和錄音室控制的多功能性。


■ 鍺二極管的“Limiting”功能消除了尖銳高音


您會在 Full-Drive 3 上看到一個黑色的小旋鈕名為“Dynamics”。順時針旋轉時,您正在撥入鍺二極管“Limiting”電路,該電路撥出了刺激的,刺耳的高音,當您深入研究弦線時會產生許多乾淨的增強音,結果聽起來完美。


■ 功能特點


• 由原裝 NOS JRC4558D 芯片驅動

• 訂單開關為您提供大量的音調控制

• 選擇90年代的 FD2 或寬非對稱音色

• JFET Clean Boost 給您帶來更多的多功能性

• 外殼比原始效果器小約20%




Unlike its cousin the FD2, the FD3 uses both a JFET input and a JFET op-amp, giving it the most tube-like sound you can get out of a tubeless pedal. Along with great sound, these JFET’s give the FD3 an ultra-high Input impedance which allows the pedal to mate with any type/gain of pickup and react well to changes in your guitar’s volume control.




■ Fulltone Fulldrive 3 Guitar Overdrive Pedal at a Glance:

- Two voicings give you control over your sonic universe

- JFET Clean Boost - your secret weapon for stage and studio domination

- Germanium-diode "Limiting" function eliminates nasty spikes


■ Two voicings give you control over your sonic universe

With its new old stock JRC4558D chip and the very best of the original circuitry, Fulltone's Fulldrive 3 nails the sound of the classic 1990s FD2 Fulldrive - and it's awesome overdrive, take it from us. But technology marches on, so in addition to the original '90s FD2 voicing, you also get the choice of a second "Wide Asymmetrical" voicing that delivers a sleek, contemporary overdrive sound that's delightfully transparent and open-sounding. This amazing versatility makes the Fulldrive 3 a valuable component of your guitar rig.


■ JFET Clean Boost - your secret weapon for stage and studio domination

Fulltone gave the Fulldrive 3 an independent, discrete JFET Clean Boost with its own volume control. Why put a clean boost on an overdrive pedal? Well, at Sweetwater, we think this is a brilliant move. Long a cherished secret weapon of tone-savvy pro guitarists, clean boost lets you always be at the right volume, and it also lets you hit the front end of your tube amp just so. Put that in the same pedal with a killer overdrive circuit, and you've the versatility for stage and studio domination.


■ Germanium-diode "Limiting" function eliminates nasty spikes

You'll notice a little black knob on the Fulldrive 3 - it's labelled "Dynamics." As you spin it clockwise, you're dialing in a germanium-diode "Limiting" circuit that dials out the irritating, grating spikes many clean boosts produce when you dig into your strings. Believe us - the results sound completely gorgeous. It's all in keeping with the care and design savvy that goes into every Fulltone pedal. If you're in the market for a guitar overdrive pedal, we think the Fulltone Fulldrive 3 should be at the top of your list.


■ Features:

- Driven by a genuine NOS JRC4558D chip

- Order switch gives you tons of tone-shaping control

- Choice of '90s FD2 or Wide Asymmetrical voicings

- JFET Clean Boost gives you added versatility

- Housing is roughly 20% smaller than the original pedal

Fulltone Full Drive 3


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