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🇺🇸【 Friedman 】IR-X Dual Tube Preamp and DI


// Dual Tube Preamp & DI – Simple All-Tube Direct Solution. //




The Friedman IR-X dual-channel tube preamp is an entire Friedman rig in a compact pedalboard-friendly package. Powered by two high-voltage 12AX7 preamp tubes, each channel delivers the harmonic richness and touch response of Dave Friedman’s finest designs. DSP IR cabinet/power amp simulation sends a studio-quality mic’d-up tone to your DAW or Front-of-House. The IRX provides easy-to-use controls without complex menus and 100-page manuals.




✔ A Full-blown Pedalboard-ready Tube Preamp
✔ Two channels of tube-infused tone
✔ All the sound-shaping controls you need
✔ Power amp simulation and IR loader

■ Features:
• A feature-laden guitar preamp that fits on your pedalboard
• 2 high-voltage 12AX7 tubes deliver the harmonic richness and touch response of a full-sized Friedman amp
• Channel 1 ranges from squeaky-clean British-voiced chime to Plexi-style crunch
• Channel 2 yields a high-gain tone that's chock-full of percussive punch, note articulation, and searing sustain
• Per-channel 3-band EQ, Volume and Gain controls, and footswitchable boost
• Bright and Tight voicing switches provide added sonic flexibility
• Bypassable effects loop makes integrating your pedalboard simple
• Power amp simulation with Presence and Thump parameters
• IR loader includes 12 free Friedman cabinet IRs, or you can load your own custom files
• MIDI programmable with up to 128 presets for integration with pro-level rigs; USB MIDI for DAW integration
• 3 multifunction footswitches make real-time operation a breeze
• TRS balanced output; headphone output

Friedman IR-X Dual Tube Preamp and DI


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