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【 Eventide 】Space-A dazzling collection of unique reverb combinations


SPACE 裝載了12種 Eventide 標誌性的混響組合效果,它們由從 H8000FW 和 Eclipse V4 中被精心挑選出來的最精華品種和一些震撼人心的 Eventide 新作品構成。


SPACE 包含了100個預置音色,這些預設其實都是很多藝術家和一線音頻工程師在實際使用過程中設計和創造出來的,許多大名鼎鼎的人物都包含其中!


這些獨特的效果以前只有在昂貴的 Eventide 機架式效果處理器中你才能得到,現在得以通過更小巧便攜的體積呈現給你。在你能負擔得起的踏板式混響效果器中,沒有一個能像 SPACE 這樣擁有如此多耀眼和讓人耳不暇接的混響算法,delay、pitch shifting、tremolo、modulation、spatial 等元素全都被應用在這個奇妙的集合體中,如他的名字一樣,所有關於空間的想像,都被濃縮在這個小盒子裡。



All kinds of reverb! Quality reverbs that raise the bar for stage and studio. Halls, Rooms, Plates from the Eventide flagship rack processors. Speaking of Space... you can really go there, BlackHole reverb with Gravity and Anti-Gravity! And, back here on Earth, this pedal will handle all of your natural (Spring), unnatural (Reverse) and supernatural (ModEchoVerb) needs. Add DualVerb, MangleVerb and DynaVerb from the venerable Eventide Eclipse and Space has got you covered. FunFact: The dedicated HotSwitch allows for instant parameter change with the press of a button. 


■ Features:


Space offers a variety of spatial effects including basic reverbs, delays and unique combination effects


• 100 Presets, including artist presets

• Studio quality sound

• Instant program change

• Real-time control with 10 knobs, MIDI or expression pedal

• Tap Tempo and MIDI Clock Sync/Generate

• True analog bypass

• Rugged cast metal construction

• Metal footswitches for instant preset access

• Mono or stereo operation

• Guitar or line level inputs and outputs

• Programmable HotSwitch

Eventide Space Reverb

HK$4,900.00 一般價格

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    We support payment via PayMe / FPS / Bank account transfer. Please contact us for more payment details. 

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