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🇨🇦【 Empress Effects 】Reverb


擁有多達12種 Reverb 類形,極為擬真的空間模擬,Empress Reverb 讓您將需要的一切操縱於指間。前所未見的強大功能,靈活的雙聲道 I/O,MIDI 功能,甚至可以外接擴充的SD記憶卡,絕對能支持您天馬行空的想像。


✔ 錄音室等級的演算法:12種演算法類型,創造獨特音色
✔ 質樸的經典聲音:加入經典的 hall,plate,spring 和 room 
✔ Ambient 聲響:完整的 Ambient 聲音提供更多的聲音選擇
✔ 簡單快速的操作介面:類形切換只由你面前的一個旋鈕控制,沒有複雜的控制選項
✔ Tap 功能:有無限 Hold 設置或 Tap 延遲時間
✔ 可儲存35組 presets
✔ 2 種 Preset 模式:Bank模式或是轉動切換
✔ True Bypass &Buffered Bypass -可切換的pass模式
✔ 音箱模擬:3個變化選擇,適合錄音、練習或表演
✔ 輸出隔離變壓器:當使用立體聲進入音箱時免除 hum 聲的設計,Output 2有隔離變壓器消除串接雜訊 
✔ 便利的連接孔:通用控制接孔,可以連接一個表情踏板,外部開關,外接音頻輸入和 MIDI - 全部使用標準的JACK孔
✔ 進階配置選單:可以配置殘響如何運作 (包括MIDI配置、表情踏板、外部 tap 控制、輸入 PAD、輸出隔離變壓器等)




Realistic simulations of spaces, as well as never-before-heard surreal ambiances are represented with stunning sound quality. Sporting stereo ins and outs, a small footprint and all the controls at your finger-tips, it strikes the perfect balance of control and ease of use, avoiding laborious menus. Presets, the versatile control port, and MIDI open up a world of possibilities for live performances. Whether you're looking for a classic spring, realistic room or new sonic flavors to expand your creativity, this pedal delivers.'s got a beer mode!

■ Features:
• 32 studio quality algorithms as of firmware 6.0 and counting
• Pristine Classic Sounds
• Ambient Sounds
• Easy to use and fast to dial in
• Tap Functions
• Low Noise signal path
• Up to 35 Presets
• 2 Preset Modes
• True Bypass and Buffered Bypass
• Cabinet Simulator
• Output Transformer
• High Quality Audi
• Analog Dry Path
• Unsurpassed Connectivity
• Advanced Configuration Menu

Empress Effects Reverb


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