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🇨🇦【 Empress Effects 】ParaEq Deluxe


最新發表的 ParaEq MKII 和 ParaEq Deluxe 重新引入 Empress 最受歡迎之一的設計,及令人興奮新的功能。

2010年發布的原始 ParaEq,以其發自肺腑的音色塑造而聲名鵲起,極高的透明度和直觀的控制,可媲美 studio-grade 的設備。

Empress ParaEq 為音樂家帶來了音響工程師可以使用的 #1 工具,讓樂器在混音中熠熠生輝。它提供了最大程度的控制,同時聲音通透,因此您不會降低樂器的美麗聲音,同時擁有如此多的應用程序,為用家提供最大的功能性及便利!




The #1 EQ pedal returns - better than ever
We've brought back the most sought after Parametric EQ pedal with groundbreaking upgrades.
We kept everything people loved about the original ParaEq and added more fidelity and control.


■ More Control
Whether you're trying to cut through a mix or fix a feedback issue, you need precision! The ParaEq MKII offers the most control of any pedal EQ on the market.


■ More Sweetness
Effortlessly sweeten your tone with beautiful sounding, super smooth Baxandall filters for broad high and low frequency shelving adjustments on the Deluxe.


■ More Power
The ParaEq MKII pedals operates internally at 27V, providing clean headroom without unwanted clipping.


■ More Purity
We’re able to offer the most control without degradation to the tone due to minimal circuit topology­­—the opposite of graphic EQs.

Empress Effects ParaEq Deluxe


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