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🇭🇷【 Dawner Prince 】Multi-Head Drum Echo

完美的複刻了傳奇的效果器 Binson Echorec,它是一款 Echo-delay Machines。


Binson 的所有特性都被完美的複刻出來,甚至更加豐富。包括肥厚圓潤的 tube tone、華麗的 multi-dimensional echo repeats、多樣的 reverb decays、separate playback heads switching system。它的外觀也十分惹人喜愛,金色漆面,綠色閃亮的指示燈,超級精簡的體積。


Boonar 採用了和原版 Binson Echorec 同樣的電路設計,但是又採用了高電壓的FETs單元作為電子管模擬,用DSP單元替代原來的 magnetic memory drum,我們開發了特別的DSP編碼,完美的再現了原版 Binson 的記憶系統,我們叫他 virtual magnetic drum。


「喚醒真正的 Binson 音色,享受經典的 Magical Echoes!」


Boonar™ is an effects pedal precisely designed to deliver sound and feel of the legendary Binson Echorec, a multi-tap magnetic drum echo unit. Everything is in there and more: from thick, juicy tube tone, glorious multi-dimensional echo repeats melted with haunting reverb decays, variable delay time up to a full second and separate playback heads switching system to an amazing and distinctive external looks dominated by a gold finish and green pulsating "magic-eye" level indicator, all packed in an incredibly compact stompbox form.


Boonar shares the same analog signal path as original Echorec but we used high voltage driven FETs as tube emulators and replaced magnetic memory drum with a DSP unit. We developed a special DSP code that faithfully replicates all the characteristics of the actual Binson memory system that we named a virtual magnetic drum.


Reveal an authentic Binson sound and enjoy in magical echoes of the past!

Dawner Prince Multi-Head Drum Echo


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