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🇺🇸【 Cleartone 】Bass Strings Nickel Plated Light 40-100 

❗ 限時「抗疫優惠」買2包9折,3包再包埋順豐


// 36% louder. 48% more sustain. 100% made in Los Angeles. //


✔ 革命性微米塗層技術
✔ 延長5倍使用壽命
✔ 音量較其他琴弦提高36%
✔ 各弦以不同比例混合金製作
✔ 增強頻率音色均衡
✔ 明亮且具穿透力的音色
✔ 無懼炎熱潮濕等天氣


🇺🇸 來自美國 Cleartone 是多家知名廠牌指定使用琴弦,使用優質磁活性來合成,最好的純銅及原材料,所有琴弦都通過超高壓化技術的專利來製作,獨特的 Cleartone 鍍膜琴弦令音頭更紮實,延音及壽命更長!


🎸 Cleartone 琴弦本身的特點在於它的塗膜層本身,在塗膜層上運用了很多高科技技術,通過分子加強技術的保護塗層,同時他的塗膜層非常的薄,僅僅只有1微米的厚度。這種特殊處理幫助琴弦獲得更長的彈奏壽命,而同時又無需犧牲音色或者手感。


✨ 殿堂級樂手強烈推薦:Dave Mustaine、PHIL X、Atreyu、Rob Scallon、Tom Petty 等等。




Cleartone Bass strings are manufactured using only the finest, US sourced nickel plated steel wrapped around a high carbon hexagonal core. Cleartone’s patented treatment will keep your strings sounding fresh for 3-5 times longer while also increasing both your volume and sustain up to 36% & 48% respectively.  Suitable for all playing styles from heavy metal to funk, Cleartone Bass Strings will have you changing strings less and playing a whole lot more. Let’s face it , changing strings sucks, but your tone shouldn’t.

40-100 (.040, .060, .080, .100)

 ※ 購買2包或以上請輸入9折優惠碼 →「STRINGS10」

Cleartone Bass Strings Nickel Plated Light 40-100


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