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【 BluGuitar 】Amp1 - Mercury Edition

 地板音箱頭近年發展逐漸白熱化,而其中討論度最高的,應該就是 Bluguitar 推出的 Amp1 系列!

 Amp1 是由德國最佳結他手兼電子工程師 Thomas Blug 設計,由於他經常到世界各地演出,渴望擁有一部輕巧、可直接駁到 Cabinet/PA、適合錄音、有 Tube 味、可彈奏由 Jazz 到 Metal 等多風格音色的 Amp 頭,最後決定自行發明了這部 100W 夢幻「音箱」!AMP1 面世後更獲得 Total Guitar 及 Guitarist 的5星滿分評價!

 地板音箱頭大多採用了D類擴大機,效率上大幅提升,也讓重量大幅減輕;真空管音箱頭如果在沒接上 Cab 開機,往往會造成損害。但大部分地板頭則可以選擇用 Speaker out 進入箱體當作真的音箱頭,或者用 Effect Loop 的 send 或錄音輸出孔當作前級、破音效果器使用,在家接上音箱模擬效果器甚至是軟體就可以當作練習音箱,連 Loadbox 都省了!

細小體積即使是帶出國巡演也都可以輕易放進行李箱,或者收在 Pedalboard 上。Amp1 是一款雙 Channel 的音箱,雖然破音有 Modern、Classic、Vintage 三種模式,另有 Clean Channel 切換,而 Clean Channel 有音量可以控制,左側其實隱藏著各個 Channel 的音量平衡與 tone 亮度控制旋鈕,另外還有兩段 Noise Gate 效果開關,使用者可以針對自己玩的曲風選擇使用Noise Gate 的反應強度。

• 4 Channel - Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern 並設 Boost 功能
• 100W Nano Tube 驅動
• 輸出功率可切換 30W / 50W / 70W / 100W
• 直接接駁現場的 Cabinet (8Ω或16Ω)
• 可直接駁進 Audio Interface / PA 及可作靜音錄音
• 內置 FX Loop 功能
• 內置 Reverb、Noisegate 功能


■ Features:
• Compact 100-watt guitar amplifier with Nanotube-driven power amp section
• Delivers the same killer sound as its predecessor but kicks it up a few notches
• Designed by world-famous guitarist Thomas Blug to be his ideal touring rigAmazingly rugged construction, with metal chassis and robust knobs
• Four selectable channels (Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern) cover everything from ultra-clean to high-gain
• Footswitches for Clean/Overdrive channels, Boost, and Reverb
• Use it to drive a speaker cabinet, or run direct with the cabinet-emulated output
• Integrate your effects pedals with the built-in effects loop (switchable between serial and parallel)
• Delivers the feel and character of a tube amp, in a compact pedal format that's perfect for travel
• Get the optional Remote 1 foot controller (not included) to store amp presets, adjust wattage, control MIDI gear and much more

BluGuitar Amp1 Mercury Edition


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