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🇩🇪 【 BluGuitar 】Amp1 - Iridium Edition


除了黑色的型格外表之外,Iridium 與 Mercury 定位絕對不同,Amp1 版本的金屬可能涵蓋了2010年之前的 Metalcore 等風格,但如果想要一個現代降弦又緊實的聲音,Iridium 是不二之選。Iridium 的 Tone 鈕感受更像是 Compressor 推出強而有力又不刺耳的高頻維持住飽滿低頻的深音厚度而不糊,如果中頻維持得當,可以獲得像是被 Boost 過後的 Peavy 5150 聲響,滿滿濕度與厚度的音強,讓人直接聯想到 Misha 等現代結他手的音色。


✔ 雙 Channel 音箱,有4種前級音色 Modern、Classic、Vintage、Clean


✔ 三個獨立的 Overdrive Channel 可提供豐富而緊湊的高質感破音,可以改變增益結構和音色。這些 Channel 中的每一個都提供不同的 Attack,響應和動態。 CLEAN Channel 具有巨大的淨空和高音儲備,即使是中重度的嗡嗡聲,也能提供透明,閃亮的乾淨聲音。


✔ Boost和雜訊消除:具有可調節的增益/Boost功能,該功能置於所有四個 Channel 的前面,以及具有三種不同靈敏度等級之金屬必需的雜訊消除。


✔ RECORDING OUT:Iridium 的 Speaker 模擬,專門針對金屬聲音而發聲。 特殊的電流反饋通過 Punch 和咬合創造出真正的真空管功放感覺。




What the BluGuitar AMP1 did for classic amp tones, the BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium Edition does for modern metal amp tones. This isn't a tweaked version of the acclaimed AMP1 — it's a new build, designed from scratch for merciless metal guitar tone. It's still based on the vivacious Nanotube for real-tube tones, and offers the same versatile four-channel functionality as its predecessors. Ranging from precise cleans and staccato crunch to liquid leads with endless sustain, the BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium Edition covers the full range of in-demand modern metal guitar tones.


■ Features:


• Compact 100-watt guitar amplifier with Nanotube-driven power amp section, optimized for modern metal guitar tones


• Delivers the same killer sound as its predecessor but kicks it up a few notches


• Designed by world-famous guitarist Thomas Blug to be his ideal touring rig


• Amazingly rugged construction, with metal chassis and robust knobs


• Four selectable channels (Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern) cover everything from ultra-clean to high-gain


• Footswitches for Clean/Overdrive channels, Boost, and Reverb


• Use it to drive a speaker cabinet, or run direct with the cabinet-emulated output


• Integrate your effects pedals with the built-in effects loop (switchable between serial and parallel)


• Delivers the feel and character of a tube amp, in a compact pedal format that's perfect for travel


• Get the optional Remote 1 foot controller (not included) to store amp presets, adjust wattage, control MIDI gear and much more

BluGuitar Amp1 Iridium Edition


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